Making Waves Spoken Poetry Competion

The winners of Falmouth Poetry Group’s first Making Waves Spoken Poetry Competition have been announced!

They are:

1st ………………… Two Sides of the Cut, by Emma Purshouse

2nd ……………….. Oliver the Ovary, by Mary Rainsford

3rd …………………. The Crowningby Liv Torc

You can listen to the winning poems below.

The competition had an exceptionally strong and varied range of entries, from all over the world. Its judge, Luke Wright, writes:

“I was struck by the breadth of entries. The media can lead us to believe we’re all the same, striving for the same things. If ever you feel like that then you should listen to a good batch of poems like this. We’re all treading our own paths in life but poetry can build a bridge from our darkest paces to illuminate a part of someone else’s mind. There were a fantastic range of voices and subjects. I found light in the most difficult of subjects and fresh sadness and beauty in the everyday. A great shortlist, hard to choose the winners, but great fun trying. Bravo!”

Luke commented on the three winning entries:

Two Sides of the Cut – I love the language. It’s a simple idea for a poem but the colloquialisms cut much deeper into the psyche of the narrator. I found her fascinating, and I wanted to know what was it about her that meant we should “keep off the shiny bits”. There’s an intriguing murkiness beneath the bouncing rhythms. I listened to this again and again. I love the voice and it suited the poem entirely.

Oliver The Ovary – This made me laugh out loud. It managed to be flippant and funny without squandering the power given to it by the serious nature of its subject. Very strong. Arresting delivery too.

The Crowning – Great title. It’s a hard poem to pull off – to write about something so massive as birth – but this is great. It manages to be playful and serious and visceral – my favourite things. Brilliantly performed as well.

Listen to our winners: